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Popular Body Piercing Jewelry Pieces

There are different forms of body art that people cannot get enough of, body piercing being one of them. For this body art, you can expect parts of your body to be punctured or pricked using a particular method. Once the piercing is done, an attractive piece of jewelry like one shaped like a ring passes through this piercing. For many years, body piercing was often done in the ears. Now, unusual body piercing is happening in the younger generation. This well-loved trend is giving way for a special family of body pierce jewelry pieces all intended to enhance the various parts of the body that have been pierced.

Body piercing is a practice for many centuries. It started out as an ancient tradition. Irrespective of the gender of the baby, they are pierced from birth during ancient times with this practice. In terms of fashion, the ears are not the only commonly pierced part of the body but also the nose. For the ancient Egyptians, they considered this practice a holy ritual that is fully associated with the spiritual gains. Considering body piercing a cultural characteristic is most common, on the other hand, for those who lived in primitive tribal areas.

In present times, the ears and nose are not the only parts that are pierced, other more uncommon parts of the body also get piercing. Among the recent trends in body piercing are tongue piercing, navel piercing, eyebrow piercing, nipple piercing, and labret piercing. There are different reasons why people choose to pierce different parts of their bodies. For most people, they want to enhance and beautify their image. Meanwhile, other people choose to get parts of their bodies pierced to make an individual fashion statement.

In ancient times, materials used as body piercing jewelry were often from nature like wood, animal bones, claws, and shell. As time went by, the use of metals was very common among more civilized men and women wanting to get a piercing.

If you look at body pierce jewelry pieces today, you will notice that the use of platinum, titanium, silver, gold, bronze, and steel is becoming common along with semi-precious stones and diamonds. Nickel metals are not preferred because they are a common source of an infection. This can damage certain parts of your body. The use of solid gold in 14 or 18 karats is very common when it comes to these pieces of jewelry.

When it comes to body piercing jewelry pieces for the labret or navel, they often come in shapes of twists, spirals, tapers, claws, tunnels, and tusks. Pyrex glass is also used for this particular purpose in jewelry pieces. For this material, you choose from either opaque transparency and transparent colors.

The tools used for body piercing should be well sterilized before the process of piercing begins. You can expect the same thing for the body pierce jewelry pieces. If you don’t make sure of this, then you may be at high risk for nerve damage, bacterial infection, and allergic reactions.

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