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Men and Counselling ; Why it is Good for You

Every man has the ultimate goal of being the man. Nothing gives more satisfaction than breaking a leg figuratively at work. Having your boss and everyone around you applaud you for a job well done and getting a promotion or if you are running your own business breaking ground. Feeling appreciated by your own close family. It becoming clear to all around you that you are the man of means and they’d better acknowledge or not at all but that’s more like it. Then your thoughts are actually cut off and the reality you are living in sets in. If that’s your wish you actually have a horse to ride on, counselling.
You’ve heard it all, you can’t cry you are a man and men don’t talk about their feelings that’s for women until it becomes pretty clear that whoever who was dishing it this memo forgot to give life one. It’s a good thing someone thought that you needed a safe space to de-stress and made a quiet place where you can just talk about you and cry all you want without making you feel like an idiot. Counselling came to help you offload your baggage so you can plan how better to carry it by first of all being free from it and getting in touch with you.
Once the junk is out your brain goes on to focus on what needs your immediate attention. Rome wasn’t built in a day and expecting to run the world is all a fantasy but if you are doing just great things around you will catch the vibe and start falling in place. It would be fantastic if nothing like worry existed. Seeing that that may not be the world you live in counselling helps you know when to worry and whether its really worth worrying about and the best way to do it such that it doesn’t overtake you. Want something to shoot at, start with stress and anxiety.

You can say anything that’s on your mind , the real trick is knowing exactly how to do that. The aim of counselling is to provide you with the tools to allow you pass whatever message you want without coming out on the wrong side of the divide. It will almost feel like you are half way there. To keep you on pedestal , counselling equips you with much needed resources to help you stay on course. With shifts starting to happen in your life and everything wanting to know how they happened the answer of the tongue now belongs to you. Counselling may not be everything but it can be quite something.

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